For any parent, it can be overwhelming, confusing, and time consuming to understand your child’s challenges and the many different ways of finding professional help. Finding RELIABLE answers and mapping out a PLAN that fits for you and HELPS your child – is even harder. At Neurodevelopment Associates, our holistically minded team equips parents with customized, integrative evaluation and treatment services to give them a new sense of direction and peace of mind.

At Neurodevelopment Associates, we are experts at helping children and parents succeed through the many tasks of childhood, holistically. Is your child struggling with behavior, academics, or relationships and you need to know why and what to do? Are you interested in learning more about the root causes of ADHD and other behavioral issues? Are you hesitant to try medication and would like to explore other avenues first? Has parenting become a daily routine of managing and avoiding meltdowns or arguments? Has your child gotten multiple diagnoses, none of which seem like the right fit?

Your child didn't come with a manual. We've got the next best thing!

We can help.


We believe a diagnosis should not become a label for your child to live by! It is only a way to describe the problem they are experiencing so we know how to help. Too many children are labeled and limited by diagnoses without the proper care it takes to clearly identify and define the problem. Instead, diagnoses and misdiagnoses can end up defining the child.

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