At Neurodevelopment Associates of North Texas, we are experts at helping families succeed through the challenges of parenthood and childhood – holistically.

Are you and your child struggling with behavior, academics, or relationships and you need to know why and what to do? Are you interested in learning more about the root causes of ADHD and other behavioral issues? Are you hesitant to try medication and would like to explore other avenues first? Has your child gotten multiple labels, none of which seem like the right fit?

It can feel overwhelming and time consuming to understand the unprecedented challenges facing this generation of children.  It can feel confusing and discouraging to choose from the various types of multidisciplinary pediatric professionals and services.

We want to help.

We have found that many parents are exhausted from searching for reliable answers to their questions.  They are searching for knowledgeable pediatric professionals to help build and navigate a plan that fits for the family and helps the child progress with confidence.

At NDA, our holistically minded team equips parents with customized, integrative evaluation and treatment services to give them a renewed sense of direction and peace of mind.

Our Integrative Approach

We get to know every child and family with a holistic lens in order to specialize and individualize our services to fit your needs and resources. Our integrative approach allows us to understand and address challenges from a variety of modalities. – Dr. Koehler

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