Dr. Koehler and her staff are amazing. There are no words to describe the deep care they provide for every person who comes into their office. My daughter loved her experience with Dr. Koehler & even wanted to take home more diagnostic problems to work on. Dr. Koehler takes an extreme amount of time to work with your child and then carefully explains all of the results in a manner in which it is easy for a parent to understand. I am so fortunate to have Dr. Koehler be a partner with me in working with my daughter’s ADHD diagnosis. Thank you Dr. Koehler for all that you do...you are truly one of a kind!!
Jennifer S.
We are so grateful to have found Dr. Koehler. She was so great at working with my daughter and my daughter loved her. She helped us figure out the support we need and made us feel at ease when determining next steps. I would highly recommend her to my friends and anyone who wants a professional’s eyes in figuring out the missing link in how your child works.
Kristen C.
I can't imagine having a more understanding and caring Doctor beside me to help me understand the mental health of my children. From education to nutrition, Dr. Koehler has broken down every step to ensure that each child’s health and functioning improves. I highly recommend Dr. Koehler to anyone searching for a professional that has their child's health as a top priority.
Quinn C.
Dr. Koehler is amazing and knowledgeable! She was helpful and is clearly passionate about what she does. She took the time to answer my questions regarding my toddler who has a Klinefelters syndrome. She recommended the tools I needed so I could get as much information as possible about this syndrome to help my son moving forward. Her analysis of the recommended genetic testing was extremely valuable to me as I start my journey with Klinefelters for my son. Thank you Dr. Koehler!
Melissa T.
I hired Dr. Koehler when we started our ASD son at private school. She was a valuable resource when we needed educational/cognitive testing completed …Dr. K proved to be an incredible resource for our family. She provided an unbiased opinion and advocated for my sweet boy so that we feel well prepared to get him all the services he needs. Additionally, we are beginning play therapy with her for our older son, and I am confident that will also be a great success. I highly recommend her services to any parent who is looking for someone to be on your team.
Sarah G.
My wife and I met with Dr. Koehler to discuss some issues with my daughter's schooling. What convinced us to go with her, as opposed to the numerous other options here in the DFW area, was her thorough and personal response and conceptualization of our child. We have been very impressed with Dr. Koehler's professionalism, availability, and approach to problem-solving. She is great about following up with her patients, and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of this level of expertise.
Russ W.