Diagnosis: Is Your Child Labeled or Understood?

We believe a diagnosis should not become a label for your child to live by! It is only a way to describe the problem they are experiencing so we know how to help.  Too many children are labeled and limited by diagnoses  without the proper care it takes to clearly identify and define the problem.  Instead, diagnoses and misdiagnoses can end up defining the child.

What if a diagnosis is inaccurate or incomplete?

If a psychotropic medication is prescribed according to the diagnosis, what happens to the brain of a misdiagnosed child?

How does a misdiagnosis impact your child’s future, relationships, self-concept, and belief in their own abilities?

Unfortunately, research shows that mis-diagnosis is happening at an alarming rate in young children.  If you don’t have a CAREFUL diagnostic process, your child is at higher risk for under-diagnosis, over-diagnosis, or mis-diagnosis.

Without an accurate diagnosis, how can you know what treatment is best?

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