Our Philosophy on Diagnosis

Is Your Child Labeled or Understood?

Diagnostic labels are being given at an alarming rate in young children. It has been reported by professionals in the health insurance sector that there exists an estimated 40% misdiagnosis rate in General Medicine. Commonly, children with mental and behavioral health issues are labeled and limited by diagnostic constructs that end up defining the child.

  • What if a diagnosis is inaccurate or incomplete?
  • If medication is introduced, what happens to the developing brain of a (mis)diagnosed, medicated child?
  • How could a (mis)diagnosis negatively impact your child’s future learning and career opportunities or their overall health?
  • How could a (mis)diagnosis impact your child’s future, relationships, self-concept, and belief in their own abilities?

Accuracy is vital.

Informed by years of experience working with children and parents, Dr. Koehler has created a holistic, integrative (mind/body/spirit/relationships/environment) diagnostic process to reduce the risks associated with misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis. A solid evaluation process is one that focuses on the child’s developmental history and current presentation to identify and describe the problem, not the child. 

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