Diagnostic Evaluation


Psychoeducational Testing

Diagnostic testing is the process of evaluating a child’s cognitive, academic, and social/emotional functioning by using standardized measures of intelligence, learning, and other areas of development. For formal evaluations, our practitioners utilize Wechsler Assessment Measures including WISC, WAIS, and WPPSI. Parents commonly request diagnostic evaluation to look further into:

• Learning Disorders


• Depression

• Anxiety

• Adjustment Disorder

• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

• Autism Spectrum Disorder

Bio-medical Factors

We evaluate the overall health and developmental history of each child by considering chronic health conditions (ear infections, asthma, eczema, thyroid function), nutritional habits, gut health, sleep, and other lifestyle and environmental issues impacting the child’s neurodevelopment and behavior.

Genetic Factors

By investigating markers in DNA sequencing we can evaluate the interplay of genetics and environment to identify your child’s unique bio-individual variables.

*All of our data interpretation is guided by consulting multidisciplinary, licensed, qualified professionals in each area so we may better understand your child.


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