Diagnostic Evaluation

Our specialized approach to helping children will likely become the new industry gold standard for children’s diagnostic testing.

We utilize a unique approach to blend the latest research in bio-individuality and genetics with best practices in psychoeducational testing.

By doing so, we are able to be more accurate with our diagnoses and more targeted with our treatment recommendations, saving parents time and financial resources.

Therapeutic Treatment

Our treatment team is dedicated to delivering therapeutic and other integrative services that enhance the parent-child relationship.  We offer:

• Play Therapy for children

• Counseling for adults and teens

• Parent Skills Coaching

• Holistic Wellness Coaching

• Children’s Mindfulness

• Case Consultation

• Coordination of Care



Our diagnostic approach integrates:

Psychoeducational Testing

Testing evaluates a child's cognitive and academic functioning using standardized measures of intelligence and learning. Common childhood issues requiring a formal diagnosis:

• Learning Disorders


• Depression

• Anxiety Disorders

• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

• Bipolar Disorder

• Autism Spectrum Disorders

Bio-medical Factors

We evaluate the overall health and history of each child by considering chronic conditions (Ear infections, asthma, eczema, thyroid function), nutritional habits, gut health, sleep, and other lifestyle and environmental issues impacting the child’s neurodevelopment.

Genetic Factors

By investigating markers in DNA sequencing we can evaluate the interplay of genetics and environment to identify your child’s unique bio-individual variables.

*All of our data interpretation is done by multidisciplinary, licensed, qualified professionals in each area so we may better understand your child.

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